Thursday, August 09, 2012


[above pic credits to chnanelnewsasia]

The 9th day of August 2012 , a joyous day for both Singapore and my 4th maternal uncle ! 

Headed to Quality Hotel Marlow located at 201 Balestier Road in the afternoon with my parents and DBB (my boyfriend) for my uncle's wedding lunch ! 

We then met up with my sister , brother-in-law , nephew and niece at the hotel .

When we arrived outside the restaurant , most of our relatives are already there ! 

My 二舅母 carrying my niece ! 

The wedding lunch was quite an experience for me as my 4th uncle is a vegetarian . Needless to say , the wedding lunch was held at a vegetarian restaurant .

and it is ...

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant !

Instead of the standard wedding dinner kind where everybody sit round a table and wait for the food to be served, my uncle chose a buffet instead !

Look at the crowd inside the restaurant !

another corner

Food  Rounds!


Laska !

Vegetarian Chicken Rice ! 

Veggie-meat ? 

Chef replenishing the Dim Sum !

More food !


Jelly in a wine glass alike !

Cookies ! 

DBB took a back shot of my while I am helping myself with the food ! 
p.s. Are those frames on the wall slanted or DBB's holding the camera slanted ? :O

Cakes !

Vegetarian Sushi !

OHOH . Here's a picture of the vegetarian chicken rice . It tasted really really good ! 

I am amazed at the creativity of the chefs / vegetarian industry ! Vegetarian food are not just about veggies ! Many many different food can be created from vegetarian ingredients . Didn't have the chance to take photos of each and every single dish as there are too many available !

My uncle is in his 50s and we are all glad that he finally found his soulmate . :) 

Some group photos of my relatives .

I wish my uncle and my auntie-in-law the best of life today and in the days to come :)

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