Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Thoughts #001

Conversation with a friend got me thinking.

Humans are often faced with problems, including emotional problems.

If you googled, there will be many articles that discusses this topic.

But I am here to share this random analogy that came to my mind.

I think . Emotional problems are like a well (a water well, yes). The more serious the problem is, the deeper is the well. Likewise, if the problem is not serious, the well will be shallow. When you are thrown with the problems, it is as though you had fallen into the well. In a shallow well, you can walk out quite easily . However, in a deep well, it will be hard to walk out, minimal chance of escaping .

I think further . How do one move on from there if they wish to stop this agony of staying in a deep well .

and I found the answer.

The only way to move on, is to have someone to help/pull you up .

Next question that follows.

Who will be that someone?


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