Saturday, August 25, 2012

REDOXON Double Action (Vitamin C + Zinc)

I enjoyed myself today :)





okay , that's the random me . hehs .

Today's Mood: Happy!

Reasons : First beach walk at Sentosa Siloso Beach with my bf from one end to the other, Attending Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2012 and Shopping (pardon me) !

Managed to spend > SGD60 at Watsons today and hence , entitled to a complimentary VanityTrove ! #happies

I will share with you what's in the trove as soon as I can ! :)

Below are what I've got from Watsons today .

Two bottles of REDOXON Double Action and some Essence Cosmetics :)
+ one lipstick

And so , after penning down my random thoughts as above , I shall get into the main reason why I am sitting here in front of my laptop typing this . 
(IDK why I am so random today, arghh)


Well, now

Let me introduce you to REDOXON Double Action!

Tahdah !


REDOXON Double Action in chewable tablets form is simply *thumbs up*. (no words to describe it's awesomeness)

What's so good about this REDOXON Double Action?

- Double Action (Vitamin C + Zinc)

Description on packaging:
For Vitamin C to enhance out immune system effectively, our body must have sufficient Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral required by our body to maintain a healthy immune system. Together, Vitamin C & Zinc prepare our body to resist not only colds, but also other illnesses like fever and infections. Taken daily, Redoxon Double Action replenishes our body's Vitamin C and Zinc levels to provide optimum support for our body immune system.

Each tablet contains:
500mg of Vitamin C
5mg of Zinc.

Does it work for me ?

Definitely !

Sad to say, I have low immune system . I fall sick easily when in contact with someone who is down with flu/cough.

 I wanted to improve my immune system and that was when I "found" Redoxon Double Action and till now, I have never regret trying it .

I am not sure if this product will improve our body immune system PERMANENTLY . All I can say is - this product does work on me in event that I continue taking the tablets daily (Forgetful me tend to skip the routine at times =X).

There are 60 tablets in a bottle.

Dosage for Adult is two tablets daily.

But usually I would take just one tablet unless I feel that I am going to fall sick soon , I would take two.

How to consume the tablets:

Simply chew and swallow.


Slightly sour.

Why I choose this product instead of other FORMS of Vitamin C supplements:

It is well known that some Vitamin C tablets are to be dissolved in warm water and consume as a drink , or some others, in capsules form to be swallowed . I personally like this product because it's chewable ! Chew it (like a sweet) and you won't feel as though you are taking medicines ! :D 

There is a similar product specially for kids . This is less sour that the one for adults.

[as shown on front far left of the picture below]

[picture credits to ogygiggs]

Thank you for reading !



  1. Can it use by someone who have gastric???

    1. Hello. I am not sure about that tho. It's better to check with a qualified doctor. :)