Monday, July 16, 2012

My Haircare Routine

Hello all ! Thanks for popping by :)

I am here to share with you my daily haircare routine .

When we talk about haircare routine , the first question that pops out usually will be
"How often should we wash our hair?"

Twice a day ? / Daily ? / Alternate days ? / weekly ?

Well, it actually differs from individuals depending very much on what type of hair you've got .

IMPORTANT NOTE: Excessive shampooing will strip your hair from it's natural oil (and we don't want that to happen).

I highly recommend you guys to NOT wash your hair more than once a day. (Rmb less is more ! - for hair) Neither would I recommend you to wash you hair once a week if you live in a very humid country as we do sweat ! (You don't want your hair to stink)

So. Who should wash their hair daily ?

1) If you have oily scalp/hair . E.g Your hair gets oily at the end of the day and it is impossible for you to go to bed with your hair left unwashed . 

2) If you use alot of hair styling products . You will not want to leave them on your hair and head straight to bed.

3) If your hair stinks at the end of the day.

And . Who should wash their hair every other day ?

1) If you have dry/normal hair/scalp

Based on the current society, if you don't wash your hair everyday, you might be judge by people as being "unclean" . I felt otherwise .

Personally , I have (more to) dry hair resulted from dying and excessive usage of heat on my hair . Therefore , I do not wash my hair daily . Instead , I wash my hair on alternate days so that my dry hair will not be stripped of it's natural oil and caused my hair's dryness to worsen .

Below is basically what I do to my hair during shower:-

1. Brush my hair with a paddle brush . (Paddle brush works better for my hair than a wide tooth comb)
2. Wet my hair with warm water <- That's because I can't bathe in cold water ! D: (If you can bath in cold water, you should do that instead)
3. Apply Shampoo (Currently I am trying out the one I got from my bellabox !)
4. Scrub gently on my scalp and run down my hair with my fingers. DO NOT not not not ever use a comb to do this .
5. Rinse off .
6. Apply Conditioner from my ears and down and leave it on for 3-5 minutes . DO NOT apply conditioner directly on your scalp .
7. [Once a week] I would apply the hair treatment wax I got from Watsons.
8. Rinse off .
9. Gently press towel onto hair to absorb all dripping water . DO NOT RUBBBBBB your hair with the towel .

What I do to my hair after shower:-

10. Apply hair vitamin onto wet hair . (Can be oil / hair enrichment products)
11. Dry my hair using hair dryer till it's 80% dry. (I don't like the feeling of having wet hair over my neck . Hence I would blow dry my hair using low heat) You should let your hair air dry if possible tho !
12. Brush my hair with my paddle brush !

That's about it :D

Do let me know if you have any questions :)

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