Sunday, September 02, 2012

September VanityTrove Fall In Love

My first official monthly Vanity Trove !

Fall In Love 

What's in this long awaited trove ?

1. Beauty Buffet Facial Mask 

Product description: Indulge in a sumptious feast for your skin! This Beauty Buffet Mask's unique recipe is made up of Apple Extract - an antioxidant to help stimulate aging skin cells & refine skin texture, as well as as restorative Evening Primrose Extract to help repair & protect damaged skin, and Glycine to help retain moisture. Skin regains the softness and suppleness of youth and appears more refined. Natural botanical extracts - Algae, Aloe Vera and Cucumber also help to moisturise and nourish skin. Enjoy!

Sold exclusively at Watsons.

Natural ingredients !  Yet to try it out, definitely will try it out :)

2. Morilins Facial Therapy Mask

Product description: 

I had tried this mask and sad to say, my skin does not absorb the serum well . My skin felt sticky after application and the stickyness did not go away even after I wipe my face with a wet cloth. 

I had concluded that this mask does not suit my skin but I will/do not mind giving other types of mask from this brand a try before concluding that the brand is not suitable for me.

3. Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch

Received one of this mask in my Watson's Edition VanityTrove , tried it , and love it !

Was glad to receive another one in my September Trove ! :)

This eye mask stayed in place hence allowing me to do my stuff  as per normal when in the process of application ! (I do not need to lie down to make sure the eye mask does not slip off.)

Didn't see any distinct results after that first use. Will use the second mask soon and decide if I'll purchase this product :)

4. Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream

Product description: Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream is your dream come true for instant pinkness that last all day long. Princess Pinki gives you rosy pink cheeks and lips without make up. Say good bye to constant application of blusher and lipstick and unsightly brown nipples. Being beautifully pink forever is no longer a fantasy. Princess Pinki is every girl's dream come true.

This product claim that the pinkness will last for 1 to 3 days and is waterproof. Interesting .

5. Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Exfoliating Scrub Bar

A facial soap cleanser. 

I have never use a soap cleanser before ever since I started using cleanser for my face . A perfect opportunity for me to try it out ! Thanks VanityTrove :)

6. Montagne Jeunesse Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Received one mask from the same brand in my Watson's Edition VanityTrove.

A vegetarian clay mask ! Love the natural ingredients and how easy the spreading is ! I am ready to try this second mask out soon :)

7. DKNY Eau So Intense fragrance

The 1.5ml sample comes in a spray bottle for easy application :)

8. Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick - 210 Pink Fame
(I had no idea why this picture is rotated and I can't seem to rotate it back D: )

 A full size product ! Yet to try but the packaging looks awesome ! Metalic Pink ! :D

9. Essie Nail Polish - 735 Hot Coco

[will update with photo]

Full size product !

10. Complimentary RF Skin Rejuvenating Facial w/ GLOW aesthetics 
(Again, I had no idea why this pic is rotated either :O)

Free facial ?! #awesomenessmax

11. Workshops 

The Sally Hansen Nail Care Nail Art Workshop.

I am looking for someone to attend this workshop together with me !

It costs $38 per person inclusive of a $100 goodie bag !

Please send me a twitter message if you want to attend too !

Another workshop !

The New Ageless Skincare Workshop.

I'll have to give this workshop a pass as I won't be free on the week the workshop is scheduled.

Interested in signing up for a monthly trove of surprises? 

Click here .

Thanks for reading !


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