Sunday, September 18, 2016

[Daiso Japan Beauty Product Review] Hyaluronate Facial Mask Pack (1-week model program)

Hi there! So I was at Daiso Japan the other day and I found this interesting product.

It is the one-week model program Hyaluronate Mask Pack.

Apparently, it contains 7 pieces of facial masks and claimed to make your skin transparent and clear (as it contains Hyaluronate). The other feature of this mask pack is that it is an intensive care face pack and can be used daily for one whole week.

On the onset, $2 for 7 pieces of facial mask?! It sure seems super value for money! 

The product is made in Korea and as Korea is well known for its beauty products (and that this only costs SGD2, I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

Moreover, I have heard about sodium hyaluronate's ability to penetrate skin and holds water to help keep the skin hydrated. More reason to give it a shot.

Here's how the packaging looks like.
(the mask on the photo looks so perfect ain't it? - but read on)



One more thing I wish to share when buying beauty products at Daiso is - remember to always check the manufacturing date of the product!

The manufacturing date can be found on this sticker (below) which will be adhered to all the products. 

The reason why I mention this is that I saw that there a couple of same products but with different manufacturing dates placed on the shelves. Make sure to always grab the one that has the most recent manufacturing date.

Sticker with Manufacturing Date stated


And of course, we should not rely on the photos when purchasing a product.

Here's how the actual mask looked like. 

Discrepancy of actual product compared with the photo on packaging: 
(1) No eye flap 
(2) It's a normal cotton mask instead of a jelly like mask

First impressions: 
All 7 pieces of cotton facial masks are folded in quarters, stacked and soaked together in one pool of serum. I feel that this can be a little unhygienic as the other masks may be contaminated when the previous piece is being taken out. But for $2, I couldn't expect more from the packaging. So instead, I'd make sure that my hands are clean before I take one of the mask out from the packaging. You can also use a clean pair of tweezers to pull out the mask. 

Another thing is that, when you remove one of mask, the piece below it may be pulled out as well (like pulling out tissue from a tissue box). This may cause creases to the mask.

Good thing that the packaging is resealable. This will prevent the masks from drying out.

This is how the mask looks like on my small face.

The serum is of a lighter (more watery) consistency compared to the usual facial masks I've used. I kinda like the way it is as it feels less rich on my skin (as my skin gets breakouts if the products are too rich)

However, this may be the reason why the mask can be used daily. I feel that instead of an "intensive program", this can be more for people with skin like mine (i.e spreading out the "richness" over a few days instead of applying a richer serum that cause breakouts). 

I wanted to follow the 7-day routine but was too tired on one of the days that I skipped applying the mask. Hence, I applied 4 days straight - 1 day break - 3 days straight.

I did not see any drastic improvement to my skin, neither did my skin became transparent and clear as claimed. Of cos I wasn't expecting overnight improvement as well. However, my skin does feel more hydrated and smooth after each use.  

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the product.

Will I purchase this again? Yes I will! But the next time I use this product, I will not apply it daily but will apply it 2-3 times a week.

Ohh last thing before I end this post, I love this silicon mask "holder" that I got from Daiso too! With this, I do not have to lay on my bed when I am putting on the masks. I can do my work as per usual without having to worry that the mask will fall off! hahaha!

Even though it's a lil tad big for my face, it still does it jobs pretty well!

It's available in white and pink as of now and it costs just SGD2! So why not? 

That's all folks! 

Thanks for reading.