Friday, December 27, 2013

[TRAVEL] 2D1N Batam Turi Resort - DAY2

Hello ! This post will be on the itinerary for Day 2 of our Batam Trip !

Read about Day 1 here !

Woke up at about 8am, our plan was to go have breakfast at one of the resort's restaurants and back to our room to nua (laze off) until it's time to check out. HAHAHA . Must relax right ?!

Woke up to this view of the sky, sea and the looooooooooooooooooong bridge.

Bf leading us to breakfast! LOL

There are 2 pools at the resort. This is the one with in pool bar . 
(took this photo 7early 8early in the morning. Guess the water hose was used for some maintenance. It won't be there forever)

The in pool bar ! How nice !

Yatch Club Bar . There are pool tables inside which you can pay to use!

Taming Sari Cafe - place where we had our breakfast .. and also lunch if you read on .

The package we got from comes with free buffet breakfast.

Crowded ya!

Christmas decorations were up ! Quite a range of food from prata to soup noodles .

After nom nom-ing, we headed back to our rooms and continued playing cards game.

We played 海贼杀 (A one piece (the Japanese anime) version of SanGuoSha) and this UNO cum Truth or Dare card game which Steve bought from Nagoya Mall. The UNO is really a pain to play . You'll have to either answer a question on the card you played, or do the dare stipulated therein. Nevertheless, it's an awesome game for chalets/resorts stay !

We also played indian poker (IDK what's with the racist name for this game, but that's a commonly known name for this game). I'll explain a little on how the game is played . A deck of poker cards are being shuffled using the mahjong style. Each player picks a card and without seeing it, immediately places the card on their forehead. The other players would be able to see your card while you would not know what is your own card . Players are able to ask anyone if he/she should change the card on their forehead for another card in the "pile". Player with the smallest number (usually 2) loses and has to do a forfeit! It's really fun to "trick" the rest to change their big numbered cards and ended up getting the smallest numbered card ! HAHAHAA . Oops .

Our forfeit was... to pick an UNO card and fulfill the Truth or Dare . I have videos of all the dares we did, but I shall be nice and not post it here . :D

When it's near the check-out time, staff from the lobby rings up to remind us.

The guys were figuring how to pack the mess =X

That's the box of Mee Goreng I brought back . Heard it's super awesome so I bought a box =X .

After checking out, we again left our baggage with the recept and head down to the pool ! Didn't take a photo of the other pool as we didn't want any "accident" to happen to our phones/cameras while playing in waters. 

Here's a professional shots I took from tripadvisor and desindobatam! 

This pool have 2 levels . The upper one is an infinity pool. ! You can rest at the side and enjoy the sea view :)

We also played snorkeling and kayaking as there is 1 hour free non-motor water sports included in our deal! There are not much fishes to see during snorkeling tho. Mostly seaweed . hurhur .

You may wish to note that there are many mosquitoes in public areas . Remember to apply the mosquito repellent cream provided in the rooms (the pink sachets in the drawer).

After the water sports and pool, we bathe and it's time for lunch !

Went back to Taming Sari Cafe , unlike breakfast which was a buffet, lunch menu was a la carte . The restaurant was quite empty now, and we get to sit in an awesome big round table facing the sea !

I had fish and chips.

Bf had chicken chop.

After lunch, we explore a lil of the resort before the land transfer pick us up at 4pm (batam's time).

On the mini coach to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal Batam !

We forgot to set aside some money for the Batam terminal fee . Spent all our rupiah =X
Ended up we have to go to the money changer at the terminal, luckily there is one there and we have some sgd with us. *phew*

Collected our boarding passes, waited for our ferry, and we're back in Singapore !

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

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