Monday, August 06, 2012

BRAND'S® InnerShine® Prune Plus Essence

Guess what got into my mailbox this time?

A sample of BRAND'S® InnerShine® Prune Plus Essence !

[above pic credits to BRAND'S® official website ]

The item came re-packaged by SingPost as the original packaging was damaged while in transit through the post . Thumbs up for SingPost repackaging service :)

Hence, the items inside the package remain safe and sound . HAHAHA .

Thankfully, the  BRAND'S® InnerShine® Prune Plus Essence   was bubblewrapped ! No damaged to it  :)
 The package also comes with a pen and a voucher !

[sorry for blurry pictures, I can't use my DSLR now as my build-in memory card reader in my laptop isn't functioning properly D:]


Tah-dah ! 
okay . I just removed the bubblewrap . #LOL

I hope these blurry pictures are not giving anyone a big headache . D:

and so ! What's so good about this essence drink ?

BRAND'S® InnerShine® Prune Plus Essence contains:-
1) Prune concentrate, pulp and skin - rich in dietary fibre which helps promote regular bowel movement.
2) Prebiotics (Oligofructose and Inulin) which encourage growth of friendly gut bacteria.
3) Vitamin C which helps maintain skin elasticity and radiance.
4) Pomegranate which is a good source of anti-oxidants to protect cells from harmful free radicals in our body.

Ingredients : Prune Concentrate, Pomegranate Concentrate , Prune Puree (Prune Pulp and prune skin) , Sorbitol, Inulin , Acacia Gum , Oligofructose , Calcium Lactate , Vitamin C , Gellan Gum , Citric Acid Anhydrous , Xanthan Gum.

Plus ! this essence drink does not contain any added sugar , colouring and preservatives .

I love love love natural stuff ! 

After taking some photos , I immediately shake well , open up the bottle and drink it ! HAHAHA Guess I was too eager to try this out !

The Taste:-
If you are worrying/wondering does this prune plus essence taste like the well known BRAND'S® essence of chicken , fret not , it definitely does not taste like the chicken essence. For this particular sample I'd tried , it tasted like the prune juice from the supermarket ! It is very concentrated , contains visible prune skin , and tasted sweet ! I have read reviews with some people saying it is sweet and some commenting it is sour . but IMO, it tasted sweet , very sweet ! I guess taste butts differs from people . hehs .

If you want to give this essence drink a try, I believed you can get this drink at our local drugstores e.g. Watsons (to be confirm) .

I've popped into the Watsons outlet at International Plaza . No sights of the Prune Plus Essence . Saw the Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract instead (as shown above as of 7/8/12) .

BRAND'S Products are available worldwide -
You may wish to contact them to find out the retail outlets having their products !

For residents residing in Singapore Only : Want a sample of this Prune Plus Essence ? Do drop me an e-mail (thisisstarlett at gmail dot com) or leave a comment below with your e-mail address and I'll provide information on how to get a free sample ! Samples are limited and while stocks last ! Note: No promises on my side !


Sharing with you my current nail varnish before I end off ! #DIY :)


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