Thursday, August 08, 2013

[TRAVEL] - First Bangkok (BKK) Trip - Day 1

Day 1.

To be more concise, it's Night 1.


The 2 hour 20 min flight started at 5.35p.m (+8GMT)

We landed at 6.55p.m. (+7GMT). Yes, there's a time lag of 1 hour.

So by the time we reached BKK, it's already night time.

As our flight is in the evening, I took half day off instead of one day leave .

On our way to the Changi Airport Terminal 1 !

Our air tickets ! (by Scoot airways)

Avril and I have the same passport cover ! We knew about this on our Johor Bahru (JB) trip earlier this year tho . HAHA .

Strawberry shortcake & Mushrooms @ Changi Airport !

I'll be uploading more photos on my facebook ! I tend to take lots of random shots . =X

We had lunch at the airport staff canteen ! That's the cheapest food you can find at the ariport besides fast food. :)

Taking photos of planes . 
That's what people do when they are at the airport right ? xD

Camwhoring while we wait patiently for our flight.

Spot the odd one out ! HAHAHA

This is the plane we took !

Slowpoke! HAHAHA =X

All seated in the plane and ready to go ! :D

We slept on the plane to restore our energy for later !


And we landed !

Searching for our luggage .

The next thing to do after collecting your luggage is ..

to get a 3G prepaid card ! If you want 3G even when you are out of places with wifi i.e. hotel, you should get this prepaid card !

There are a few shops at the arrival hall of Suvarnabhumi Airport selling the prepaid cards.

We got ours from DTAC which offers the cheapest 7 days plan . Suitable for a short trip like ours :)

We queued for about 20 minutes before we got our BKK's prepaid line. So, prepare to wait.

Ohh ! And also remember to set your watch/handphone's Date & Time to BKK's Time Zone (due to the time lag)

Met up with the representative of the agency and get ready to set off to our hotel !

While waiting for our coach.

Surprisingly, I met a Poly's mate on the coach ! What a coincidence ! :)

The traffic from the airport to the city area was smooth. A jam started when we reached the city area, maneuvering to our hotel. By the time we reached our hotel, it was already past 9.00pm.

Stepped into the hotel lobby, we were greeted by the friendly manager. She explained to us in detail the surroundings of the hotel. Thumbs up for that ! (it's our first time there, so we needed that . HAHA). Got our keys and also received a welcome gift ! We then proceed quickly to our hotel room, left our stuff behind and out we go ! We were famished ! 

These photos of the hotel were taken after we are back from our dinper (dinner & supper), but I thought I should post them first. Here!

The bed was not the softest one but comfy enough to have a good sleep. 

I love how they fold the towels ! Saw a video on Facebook which shows how these cute elephant towels are folded !

There was also a couch by the window !

Refrigerator which we put our soft drinks =X , facial tissue and hot water pot were provided

Oh ya, there was also sachets of coffee and tea. And horlick ! 
One thing I realised, there is no milo !

Plasma TV and that's my bf busy searching for stuff .

Side view of the bed. 

Somehow, the sink is outside the bathroom. Not something that I would complain though :)

Necessities provided :) Replenished daily !

HAHAHA . IDK why is the bf doing funny stuff whenever I snap pictures =X I didn't do that on purpose !

Okay. Back to topic. Safety deposit box ! A must have in every hotel to safekeep our passports and money !.

Inside the refrigerator, two bottles of mineral water was provided. They replenish it every day . However, you can ask for extra at the reception if you don't want to drink from the tap water .

Okay, I'll move on to dinner !

Walk past Chidlom Manhattan. Not the fish market tho. 

We continue walking down a stretch, to find the shop that sells chicken rice recommended by the hotel manager.

There were a couple of shops selling chicken rice, but the one with green uniform was the one we are searching for .

And we found it ! It was a 5min walk from the hotel to food!

The Menu.

Soft drinks we don't see in Singapore. (Or did value dollar sell them?)

We all had Chicken rice. 

and for the sides, we had
Cheap and yummy satay !

Chee Cheong Fan !

This is the super nice satay gravy !!

After dinner, we wanted to go to the night market at Papong. But halfway to the BTS station (it's like our MRT station but in Bangkok,  they have both BTS and MRT stations, will explain this further in my Day 2/3/4/5 posts), rain started to fall . We have no choice but to take a cab back to our hotel, chitchat, bathe and sleep ! We had a tour the next day and need to wake up at 6am !

So . Goodnight !


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday HuiLi !

Happy Birthday Hui Li !

This post came abit late but . better late than never ! :)

KJ booked a chalet at East Coast Park to celebrate HL 21st birthday :)

Saw our decoration .? Not too bad for a bunch of non-artistic peeps I guess xD .

Buffet cater ! 

IC did the heart shape and I folded the puppy balloon ! Then ZY sticked the balloons with the help of JX ! :)


Got to play with these cuties cos Hui Li brought them to the chalet ! <3

Ahhh , somebody too bored tie this ribbon on my hair using the decoration paper strips hur ! Surprisingly it's quite sturdy and didn't fell off ! 

Not forgetting all the party spray and sparkles ! and night cycling !!!

Polaroids of birthday girl and her presents :)

Hope you've enjoyed yourself !