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[Review] August 's BellaBox - I love Singapore

Hello everyone ! 

I am soo looking forward to the long weekend ahead ! Are you too ?

It's been quite a while since I last watched a movie (the last movie I watched was The Amazing Spiderman)  . Yesterday I broke the chain and watched a movie - The Bourne Legacy . 

The decision was quite impromptu I would say . Hence, I went to watch this movie without any knowledge of the storyline beforehand. Thankfully, it turned out to be a great movie ! Full of thrill and excitement ! I would recommend you to watch it if you haven't :)

Catch the trailer here  ! 

My plan today was to share with you a hair vitamin which I have been using for the past 1 month . 

BUT . 

When I reached home today, I received my "August BellaBox - I love Singapore" ! omo ! omo !

I am so excited about it that I have to share my excitement with you guys here without any delay ! #HAHAHA

If you haven't, you may want to read about my July's Bellabox here !

I received the package much later than the expected delivery time this month. The delivery procedure was also different as compared to last month . Last month, I received a tracking number via e-mail for me to track the package , but this month , no tracking number was send to me , neither did anyone call to inform me that they were going to deliver the package .

But anyway , the unexpected delivery surprises me ! I love surprises ! Hence, it's not so that bad afterall . :)

Here's what in my box.

I have heard all about the excitement that Anna Sui/Benefit products are included in the August Bellabox .

However, I found none of those in my box :( . There's a lil' twinge of disappointment in me initially thinking that perhaps they ran out of the said products when it's turn to pack my box . #toughluck .

But when I move on to take a closer look at the products I have in my box , I felt better .

My box is slightly different from the boxes other bloggers had received and shared online. [Check out item (1) & (2) below]

There are a total of 7 items/sample packs !

As usual, I will go into detail of each item in my box :D

(1) CLIO Professional Smudgeproof Brush Liner Kill Slim
made in Korea

Product introduction: CLIO gives you the sleekest eyeliner imaginable. Beginners will appreciate the built-in precision of its super slim (0.05mm) and ultra-soft brush, while seasoned liquid eyeliner users will appreaciate how quickly it can be applied with a practiced hand. With a water-resistant formula, you can be assured that it will last all day.

I was so delighted when I realised this is the CLIO brush eyeliner ! I recall, just this Monday, I was at Watsons trying out the tester of this eyeliner (product brand is new on the shelves!) and have been considering whether to purchase it . Now , I don't have to crack my brain to find myself an excuse to buy another eyeliner . *happies*

This item I received is a full size product which you can purchase at most Watsons outlets in Singapore .
+ a 20% off voucher for all CLIO products at Watsons.

Full size product:

(2)  SKIN79 BB Cream - VIP Gold Collection

Product introduction: SKIN79 is the first skincare brand to give Koreans a full range of BB creams. Part moisturiser, part foundation (and so much more). BB creams are taking the cosmetics world by storm and SKIN79 has the widest range and variety to suit each age, skin type and skin concern.

This is also one of the products I have been wanting to try ! 
Afraid that this BB cream might not suit me , I hesitated to buy the full size product which is (I think) 40ml and cost between S$35.90-S$39.90.

+1 yayness to this ! 

There is also a brochure featuring SKIN79 products together with Brown Eyed Girls ! They must have been endorsing SKIN79 products :)
+ a S$5.00 off voucher with minimum S$25.00 purchase of any SKIN79 products at Sasa .

(3) ENAVOSE  Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage
made in Switzerland

Product introduction : Enavose brings you a gentle and effective way to exfoliate your skin! Formulated with Bacillus Ferment, a mild enzyme with resurfacing action that thoroughly removes dead skin without causing undue stress to skin, this gommage leaves your skin feeling softer and helps improve the absorption of your serums and moisturisers!

An exfoliator ! I already had one exfoliator (will talk about it on another post soon) , but I guess there's no harm trying out new products to find out which product suits your skin more :)

A 15ml sample + a S$5.00 gift voucher for Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage 

Full size product : 
S$35.00 for 80ml.

(4) ELIZABETH ARDEN Visible Difference Skincare
made in U.S.A.

Product introduction : Leveraging on 100 years of skincare expertise, Elizabeth Arden introduces Visible Difference, a spa-inspired, regimen-focused essential skincare line that helps balance skin to reveal its natural health and radiance.

3 sachet (1 of each type) + S$10.00 voucher with any purchase of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference product.

Full size product : 
Oil-free Regimen for Oily skin S$42.00 - S$85.00
Skin Balancing Regimen for Combination Skin S$42.00 - S$96.00
Gentle Hydrating Regimen for Dry Skin S$42.00 - S$96.00

(5) FACIAL FRESH - Vitamin C Cloth Facial Treatment Mask

Product introduction : Facial Fresh offers a revolution in facial skin care. Each mask delivers specific results in a serum saturated mask each of which is individually packaged. 

I love masks ! Can't wait to try this out !

Price : Aloe Vera Mask / Green Tea Mask / Tea Tree Mask S$8.85 each
Hydra-Surge Mask / Vitamin C Mask S$10.95 each
Collagen Mask S$12.95 each

(6) CHINA GLAZE Nail Lacquer

Product introduction : Every shade on the colour spectrum and more. In addition to their famed neons, metallics and any other trend going, China Glaza release more and more collections every year. You can count on them for everything from the most amazing glitters to shimmers and neons.

Received a full size product in the shade of 017 Hawaiian Punch ! 

Full size product :
S$15.00 for 15ml

(7) L'OREAL PARIS Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Boosting Essence

Product introduction : With just one drop, your skin becomes smoother and softer instantly. Your skin is also able to better absorb the active ingredients in your skincare regime. In a week, your skin texture will improve. In a month, your skin will be rejuvenated, youthful and more radiant. For best results, use before your serum and/or mosisturiser. Beauty tip : Use before your facial mask to get even better results on your mask !

I had already tried it on my face ! A 5ml sample was given . I guess it could last me a week . If it really works as claimed, I will consider buying the full size product as my skin's need some help there with absorbing . =/

Full size product:
30ml for S$39.90

LAST BUT NOT LEAST , this month's Bellabox comes in a "I love Singapore" inspired reusable beach bag instead of the usual box .! Isn't that cool ! 

Place your order for September Bellabox today ! -> APPLY


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