Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[REVIEW] ELLIPS Hair Vitamin


Big apologies that this post was delayed . Nevertheless, I am trying my best to put this post up soonest .

I'm part typing this post this using my iPad while on my way to Comfort Delgro Driving Centre for my driving lesson . :) (to at least get started)

You might have guessed what I'm going to share in this post from the title of it . #haha

Without further ado, I shall start . 

Many people might be focusing a lot on skincare and they are not aware that haircare is equally important . 

To me, having a bad hair day is on par with a new pimple popping out from my skin . I tend not to neglect my hair and even make an extra effort to take good care of my hair the moment I realised the condition of my hair deteriorated significantly ever since I started putting chemicals on my hair (e.g. Dying my hair) . It's not too late to save my hair ! Likewise for you :) 

Read about the brief introduction of my hair ---> here

Yes , I have thick (thick as in the strands of my hair is thicker, if you get what I mean) dry damaged hair . My hair gets tangled easily and these knots hurt my hair even more . My hair feels like hay and it's brittle . 

During one of the outings with my girlfriends, one of them introduce me to this hair vitamin which I thought no harm giving it a try . (thank you Cynthia!) And I did.

I pop into a Watsons outlet and walla ! This particular hair vitamin was on sale ! Usual: S$16.20 . Sale: 2 for S$19.90. I grabbed 2 bottles without hesitation and shall share with you my experience :)

Tested personally by me for a month is this ELLIPS Hair Vitamin .

Packaging : Bottle - 50 Capsules
 This product also comes in smaller quantity (6 capsules) packaging perfect for testing to see if the product suits you . (instead of committing to a bottle of 50 capsules)

[got the above pic from the internet]

There are 5 different types as follows:-

[Yellow - Smooth & Shiny] : The combination of Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A&E to moisturise, to provide nutrition and to make your hair smooth, manageable and shiny.

[Pink - Hair Treatment] : The combination of Jojoba Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A,C,E helps treat damaged hair structure & reduced split end caused by hair blow-drying, curling, colouring, rebonding. Hair looks healtier, manageable and shiny.

[Purple - Nutri Colour] : NUTRI COLOUR with triple care formulation helps to nourish your colored hair, treat dull hair caused by sunray, and preserve healthy shine of colored hair.

[Black - Black, Soft & Shiny] : SHINY BLACK for your black hair. Formulated with the combination of Candle Nut & Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protectant, Vitamin A&E & Pro Vitamin B5 nourishes, protect hair from sunray & helps nurture the healthy shine of your black hair. Enjoy the beauty of shiny looking, smooth and manageable black hair.

[Brown - Coarse Hair] : The Ginseng of a natural extract makes your hair as healthy and glossier smooth hair.

(above information is as shown on the packaging itself)

I bought the Pink and Yellow one.


Opening the gold plastic cap.

The double seal.


Each capsule contains 1ml of contents.

I love how the capsule is designed.


How do I apply this hair vitamin:
1) Wash hair as usual .
2) Remove excess water from hair using a towel .
3) Apply Ellips Hair Vitamin on wet hair .
...con't below

I would need two capsules as my hair is loooong. (at my waist line)
[One capsule is sufficient for short / shoulder length hair]

How the hair vitamin look like on my hand.

Look like some translucent oil . 
The texture is thick and seem very concentrated .
[It may look/feel oily but after rubbing the oil evenly onto hair , there is zero greasy feel ! Amazing .]

4) Rub the hair vitamin onto both hands and apply evenly onto hair (P.S. Do not rub hair vitamin onto scalp)
Apply hair vitamin only on hair from ears all the way down to the ends .
(if you have short hair, I would suggest you to rub the hair vitamin onto both hands and then using a grabbing motion, grab your hair (without having your fingers touching your scalp) until your hair absorbs everything on your hand - Just like how guys wax their hair :D)
5) Blow dry my hair (if you can, leave your hair to air dry will be better)

That's all ! Isn't that simple ? :D

After my hair is blowdry/airdry , my hair feels softer , smoother , less tangles and most importantly , it became hay-free ! (Perhaps it helps locks the moisture) 

Product Summary

- Affordable 
- Easy application
- Fast absorption
- Non-greasy after application
- Conveniently available at Watsons / Guardian stores
- effect last for the whole day or maybe two !

- After I wash my hair the next round, if I did not re-apply this hair vitamin, the usual dryness returned . So I am guessing that this hair vitamin does not have a permanent effect .

Will I buy it again:
I will definitely buy it again if I run out of it unless I found a better source which has a permanent effect.

Hair tip #001 : The best way to permanently remove split ends is to go for a hair cut :)


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