Sunday, July 22, 2012

Customised Gift Boxes ! - Advertorial

Hello all ! 

Ever had problems finding gift boxes to suit a friend for his/her birthday? Or holding a party/event wanting to have customised boxes to put your door gifts ? 

At ThitiratSweetBaby , you can customised gift boxes for your friends / family / love ones :)

Best still ! There is NO MINIMUM ORDER required .
You can order just 1 box ! Isn't that awesome ? 

Boxes catered are of 2 sizes .
1) Small - 13.5cm Length by 9.4cm Breadth by 6cm Height.
2) Big - 25cm Length by 15cm Breadth by 8cm Height.

For just the price of 
1) Small - SGD 1.50 each: Choose a Template from their album  + with your own wordings !
2) Big - SGD 2.50 each: Choose a Template from their album + with your own wordings !
[You can also customised using your own photo with just a top up of 50cents to either box size !]

View their cute and creative templates here , here and here!

Here are some sample gift boxes from ThitiratSweetBaby !

Aren't those designs cute ! 
You can always use your own photo in replace of the template designs with just a top up of 50cents !

A close up .
[Note: The wordings at the lower part of your box will not be there ! This is just a sample box]

This is one example of the actual box design (w/o the wordings as above)

Remember to visit their website and like their facebook page !

How the small gift box looks like when it's opened.
The big gift box opens the same way .

A rough guide of the size of the small box
(same breadth as a Monopoly Deal card game !)

and it fits the card game perfectly :D

You can also request for dividers and coloured strip papers (free of charge!) from them to firm up your box !

like this ! (just one example)

If you are having any further questions, you can contact them at !

Quote #Starlett
when placing your order
to receive a 10% discount
when you ordered 15 boxes and above !


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Classic Manicure

Went to get myself a Classic Manicure on Friday evening .

Was suppose to go for a facial + mani combo but due to some miscommunication of the staff , they thought I am going for a mani+pedi . The facial slots were fully booked that evening, hence, the staff promised to reschedule it for me . Can tell that their slots are quite limited as they showed me their appointment schedules. D: And I can only be on the waiting list for now. Will review about the name of the beauty parlor, waiting time , ambiance , etc after I go for the facial . 

I'll comment briefly about the classic manicure I did that day.

There's a wide range of colours to choose from.

The manicurists there are very friendly and customer oriented. The one that did my mani is very meticulous and treated my hand with tender care <3

Let me recall what was done to my nails.

- removing the previous polish I had.
-sanitize, push back/cut cuticles (others say we should not cut our cuticles . I'm not sure about that)
- cut / shape / file / buff
- base coat (some milky kind)
- (China Glaze) metallic purple nail polish (2 coats)
- top coat (should be Seche Vite Top Coat if I am not wrong)
- hand massage 
and lastly 


yes , blow dry :D (gahh , dim lightings.)
Feel so pampered ! 

and I love the colour !

Usually I would DIY my nails at home . The reason I would go for a manicure is to remove the dried up skin around my nails ! But I heard others saying that cutting our cuticles will caused our nails to deform (idk if it's true not as I have not experienced that myself) . I just can't tolerate the dried skin around my nails gets thicker and thicker. >< 


Monday, July 16, 2012

My Haircare Routine

Hello all ! Thanks for popping by :)

I am here to share with you my daily haircare routine .

When we talk about haircare routine , the first question that pops out usually will be
"How often should we wash our hair?"

Twice a day ? / Daily ? / Alternate days ? / weekly ?

Well, it actually differs from individuals depending very much on what type of hair you've got .

IMPORTANT NOTE: Excessive shampooing will strip your hair from it's natural oil (and we don't want that to happen).

I highly recommend you guys to NOT wash your hair more than once a day. (Rmb less is more ! - for hair) Neither would I recommend you to wash you hair once a week if you live in a very humid country as we do sweat ! (You don't want your hair to stink)

So. Who should wash their hair daily ?

1) If you have oily scalp/hair . E.g Your hair gets oily at the end of the day and it is impossible for you to go to bed with your hair left unwashed . 

2) If you use alot of hair styling products . You will not want to leave them on your hair and head straight to bed.

3) If your hair stinks at the end of the day.

And . Who should wash their hair every other day ?

1) If you have dry/normal hair/scalp

Based on the current society, if you don't wash your hair everyday, you might be judge by people as being "unclean" . I felt otherwise .

Personally , I have (more to) dry hair resulted from dying and excessive usage of heat on my hair . Therefore , I do not wash my hair daily . Instead , I wash my hair on alternate days so that my dry hair will not be stripped of it's natural oil and caused my hair's dryness to worsen .

Below is basically what I do to my hair during shower:-

1. Brush my hair with a paddle brush . (Paddle brush works better for my hair than a wide tooth comb)
2. Wet my hair with warm water <- That's because I can't bathe in cold water ! D: (If you can bath in cold water, you should do that instead)
3. Apply Shampoo (Currently I am trying out the one I got from my bellabox !)
4. Scrub gently on my scalp and run down my hair with my fingers. DO NOT not not not ever use a comb to do this .
5. Rinse off .
6. Apply Conditioner from my ears and down and leave it on for 3-5 minutes . DO NOT apply conditioner directly on your scalp .
7. [Once a week] I would apply the hair treatment wax I got from Watsons.
8. Rinse off .
9. Gently press towel onto hair to absorb all dripping water . DO NOT RUBBBBBB your hair with the towel .

What I do to my hair after shower:-

10. Apply hair vitamin onto wet hair . (Can be oil / hair enrichment products)
11. Dry my hair using hair dryer till it's 80% dry. (I don't like the feeling of having wet hair over my neck . Hence I would blow dry my hair using low heat) You should let your hair air dry if possible tho !
12. Brush my hair with my paddle brush !

That's about it :D

Do let me know if you have any questions :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My July's BellaBox

Hello pretties and handsomes ! 

I am so so so happy today ! 


I've received my very first BellaBox ! <3 
The July BellaBox: Around the World .

For those who have not heard of BellaBox, here's the description of it !

"Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with four to five deluxe samples from high-end brands and boutique and cult brands from around the world. Each month will be a different mix of beauty product, ranging from makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, hair products and a even a lifestyle product. The samples are generously sized, to ensure you can really test out the product and discover the products you love."

^ for just S$19.95 / month 

A-W-E-S-O-M-E !

Received a call from the official courier company of bellabox this evening . I wasn't expecting the box to be delivered this quick as I was informed by the bellabox team that the boxes will be sent out on the 10th . ! Love the efficiency ! I spoke to and was informed by this polite+friendly lady named Jane (if I get her name correctly) that she is able to deliver the box to my door step between 7pm to 10pm today. As I had already made plans to stay out tonight, I requested for a later timing at 10.30pm . She readily agreed adding on "specially for you!" *thumbs up for the great service* ! I'm very thankful for that ! :)

Having said the above, lets now move on to the contents inside the box !

As the box is suppose to be a surprise for all subscribers, hence, not everyone receives the same items in the box .



Here's the items in mine :)

3 lucky members out of the many subscribers will find a stunning gift from Tiffany & Co. hidden in their July box ! 

I wasn't one of the three lucky members but receiving the box itself is already a joy to me ! :)

I shall go into detail of each item in my box :D

made in USA

(1) Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo - 60ml
(2) Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner - 60ml
+  a 2$ discount voucher when you purchase any Organix item from Watsons !

I can't wait to try this shampoo and conditioner ! I had never tried/used any haircare products with organic contents before . This will be my first time using shampoo and conditioner with organic contents and I thank BellaBox for that ! :)

and most importantly , it's sulfate free and paraben free !

You can also purchase this product in full size here ! :)


(3) Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil - 3.7ml .

This is a hair leave-on suitable for all hair types for soft , seductive , silky perfection hair ! 

Currently I am only using one brand of hair leave-on . Am so glad that I am able to try something else now ! :) (know why am I so happy now? hehs!)  

made in France

(4) Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette - 4.5 ml
+ a voucher to redeem a travel-size body lotion with the purchase of Jimmy Choo 100ml EDP or EDT at Takashimaya, all Sephora Stores, BHG Bugis and Isetan Scotts.


Product description : 
Flora Fruity - A crystalline rose with sexy orchid accents lights up with dazzling pear and ginger notes on a vibrant woody dry down.

Details of product can be viewed here !

This sample alone is so worth it ! Full size product costs 68S$ for a 40ml ! Which means , this sample alone is worth S$7.65 (of cos if you get a bigger bottle, it'd cost lesser) . #happiness

I am not a perfume person but with this sample , I am able to try new stuff ! <3 and I simply love the bottle !


made in Japan

(5) SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleaner - 6g
(6) SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion - 10ml
(7) SK-II Facial Treatment Essence - 10ml
(8) SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX - 2.5g
+ voucher to redeem a complimentary skin signature 3D Redefining Mask upon next purchase of Facial Treatment Essence 150ml / a complimentary skin signature 3D Redefining Mask and Skin Signature Cream 15g upon next purchase of Facial Treatment Essence 215ml or bigger.

This 4 samples from SK-II was housed in a sweet looking red translucent pouch . A brochure with clear instructions for the application of the products was also given.

This is again super value for money !

Details for this set of SK-II products can be viewed here !


from Korea

(9) Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack - one-time use

I've read good reviews on this product and can't wait to try it out .


from California 

(10) Twistband Hair Tie - 1 piece

It's said that these hair ties don't leave marks on your hair ! <3

Want it too ? You can purchase it here !


from BellaBox !

(11) BellaBox Lipstick Pen - 1 piece

Remove the red cap and write with style ! :)


That's what  I received in my July's BellaBox !

Get yours here today !

I hope this helps :)

P.S. I am not a staff of bellabox / whatsoever . I am just sharing my views on my July bellabox :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House @ Dempsey w/ Happy Pills Tribe

A very big thank you to Happy Pills Tribe <3 for the belated birthday celebration yesterday evening ! 

[pic above credits to Aly! - taken in UK]

Yesterday was a Monday . Yes . Monday reminds us of Monday BLUES . Hence, it was really nice ending a Monday with good food and most importantly - good company . :)

And here we go ,

 Met up with the girls at Farrer Road MRT, located at the Circle Line . (P.S. I would never forget to pay extra attention to the word after "farrer" when I see it .) I shall skip some details here =X Perhaps I will share it if another "blur" incident happens . We flagged a cab and head down to House @ Dempsey ! 

view their menu and address here !

It was a recommendation by GourmetBell ! 

Peektures time ! :)

Their drinks menu . They serve alcoholic drinks too :) 

 The House Menu 

Something interesting in the menu which Bell notices . "10-minute Mobile Massage" ! HAHAHA . You can have some relaxing massage for 15$ while you're waiting for food to be served ! 

 Their FRIES menu ! 

 One interesting magazine I spotted while we are waiting for our food . 
"FaceBooked" I wonder what that means . Hmmm.

And there came our food !
 Skinny pizza ! (Ginger Butter Chicken)

 Next came their must have Truffle Fries !

 Our second Skinny Pizza ! (Smoked Turkey Swiss)

 and finally . A one-metre-long Saussage.
This particular dish was supposed to be served in a long .. a long serving dish(?) . The 1m sausage was initially uncut but due to space constrain, we got them to cut it up and served on a normal plate instead :)

 hahaha . the above is a corner of the female washroom ! 
It still remains as a mystery to us.

Just as we were doing more catching up, the staff started singing "happy birthday to you . andsoOn." HAHAHA . Thanks Bell and Lijun for the surprise cake ! 

They also got a strawberry short cake for Lynette .
Happy Advance Birthday Lynette ! 

While eating our cakes, we skyped Alyssa who is farfar away in Philippines ! 

And there! We had full attendance in the end :D
[Say hi to Alyssa whose face is on my iPad] 

 sorry for the poor quality photos as we did not bring our cameras and the lighting there was dim ! We had to take the group photo with flash . Without flash, it ended up like this . (a "noisy" picture) But I love the sepia feel !