Saturday, January 11, 2014

[TRAVEL] - 3 Days at Macau & Hongkong ! (Pre-travel)

Hello ! I am back here to share about my recent travel to Macau/ZhuHai/Hong Kong.

Charlie and I managed to cover these three places in 3 days ! *prouds*

It's definitely tiring, but the tiredness is just so worthwhile!

Before I begin, I would like to thank SCOOT for having this giveaway !

It was quite an impromptu trip , wasn't planned at all ! I still remember Jenny was telling Ash and I about this giveaway over our whatsapp group chat when I was out at NEX mall shopping for mattresses. Initially, I didn't have any intention to book the tickets. We reached home at about 2pm , switched on the computer , logged onto facebook and I saw the same Scoot promotion on my homepage .  Decided to click the link to see see and found that the tickets are mostly free for one way . Then I clicked further to kinda see if there are really free tickets for both ways and tah-dah ! I managed to get tickets on 7 Jan and return tickets on 10 Jan . Both ways free !! (airport taxes/processing fees are still payable tho)

I was really excited and without further thoughts, I booked the tickets for two .

HAHAHA . That's how impromptu the trip was .

This marks my second trip to HongKong.

My first trip to HongKong was during my 21st birthday . Charlie wanted to bring me overseas to celebrate my birthday . <3. It was also our first plane trip together . :D  During then, we visited most of the prominent sightseeing places in Hong Kong such as the Lantau Island, OceanPark, Temple Street, Ladies Market, The Peak and Disneyland . Charlie even booked a night stay at the Disney Hotel ! It was quite eventful . I didn't blogged about the trip but can still remember what we did there !

As we have already been to the sightseeing places , this time round , we decided to visit Macau instead ! We also planned to visit a different part of HongKong .

After having a broad idea of what we want to do for the trip, we went to book our hotels at

The hotel we stayed in Macau - Holiday Hotel

The hotel we stayed in HongKong - Silka Far East Hotel

I would say that the hotels are value for money , good for the price paid ! I will share more about my experiences in the hotels in my other posts !

One tip - If you are travelling to Hong Kong during winter time (Nov - Jan), you can book a cheaper hotel even if it's without a swimming pool , trust me you won't want to use the pool due to the coldness. :D


Thanks for reading, xoxo

Stay tuned for Day 1 in Macau :D