Sunday, July 22, 2012

Customised Gift Boxes ! - Advertorial

Hello all ! 

Ever had problems finding gift boxes to suit a friend for his/her birthday? Or holding a party/event wanting to have customised boxes to put your door gifts ? 

At ThitiratSweetBaby , you can customised gift boxes for your friends / family / love ones :)

Best still ! There is NO MINIMUM ORDER required .
You can order just 1 box ! Isn't that awesome ? 

Boxes catered are of 2 sizes .
1) Small - 13.5cm Length by 9.4cm Breadth by 6cm Height.
2) Big - 25cm Length by 15cm Breadth by 8cm Height.

For just the price of 
1) Small - SGD 1.50 each: Choose a Template from their album  + with your own wordings !
2) Big - SGD 2.50 each: Choose a Template from their album + with your own wordings !
[You can also customised using your own photo with just a top up of 50cents to either box size !]

View their cute and creative templates here , here and here!

Here are some sample gift boxes from ThitiratSweetBaby !

Aren't those designs cute ! 
You can always use your own photo in replace of the template designs with just a top up of 50cents !

A close up .
[Note: The wordings at the lower part of your box will not be there ! This is just a sample box]

This is one example of the actual box design (w/o the wordings as above)

Remember to visit their website and like their facebook page !

How the small gift box looks like when it's opened.
The big gift box opens the same way .

A rough guide of the size of the small box
(same breadth as a Monopoly Deal card game !)

and it fits the card game perfectly :D

You can also request for dividers and coloured strip papers (free of charge!) from them to firm up your box !

like this ! (just one example)

If you are having any further questions, you can contact them at !

Quote #Starlett
when placing your order
to receive a 10% discount
when you ordered 15 boxes and above !