Saturday, July 21, 2012

Classic Manicure

Went to get myself a Classic Manicure on Friday evening .

Was suppose to go for a facial + mani combo but due to some miscommunication of the staff , they thought I am going for a mani+pedi . The facial slots were fully booked that evening, hence, the staff promised to reschedule it for me . Can tell that their slots are quite limited as they showed me their appointment schedules. D: And I can only be on the waiting list for now. Will review about the name of the beauty parlor, waiting time , ambiance , etc after I go for the facial . 

I'll comment briefly about the classic manicure I did that day.

There's a wide range of colours to choose from.

The manicurists there are very friendly and customer oriented. The one that did my mani is very meticulous and treated my hand with tender care <3

Let me recall what was done to my nails.

- removing the previous polish I had.
-sanitize, push back/cut cuticles (others say we should not cut our cuticles . I'm not sure about that)
- cut / shape / file / buff
- base coat (some milky kind)
- (China Glaze) metallic purple nail polish (2 coats)
- top coat (should be Seche Vite Top Coat if I am not wrong)
- hand massage 
and lastly 


yes , blow dry :D (gahh , dim lightings.)
Feel so pampered ! 

and I love the colour !

Usually I would DIY my nails at home . The reason I would go for a manicure is to remove the dried up skin around my nails ! But I heard others saying that cutting our cuticles will caused our nails to deform (idk if it's true not as I have not experienced that myself) . I just can't tolerate the dried skin around my nails gets thicker and thicker. >< 


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