Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House @ Dempsey w/ Happy Pills Tribe

A very big thank you to Happy Pills Tribe <3 for the belated birthday celebration yesterday evening ! 

[pic above credits to Aly! - taken in UK]

Yesterday was a Monday . Yes . Monday reminds us of Monday BLUES . Hence, it was really nice ending a Monday with good food and most importantly - good company . :)

And here we go ,

 Met up with the girls at Farrer Road MRT, located at the Circle Line . (P.S. I would never forget to pay extra attention to the word after "farrer" when I see it .) I shall skip some details here =X Perhaps I will share it if another "blur" incident happens . We flagged a cab and head down to House @ Dempsey ! 

view their menu and address here !

It was a recommendation by GourmetBell ! 

Peektures time ! :)

Their drinks menu . They serve alcoholic drinks too :) 

 The House Menu 

Something interesting in the menu which Bell notices . "10-minute Mobile Massage" ! HAHAHA . You can have some relaxing massage for 15$ while you're waiting for food to be served ! 

 Their FRIES menu ! 

 One interesting magazine I spotted while we are waiting for our food . 
"FaceBooked" I wonder what that means . Hmmm.

And there came our food !
 Skinny pizza ! (Ginger Butter Chicken)

 Next came their must have Truffle Fries !

 Our second Skinny Pizza ! (Smoked Turkey Swiss)

 and finally . A one-metre-long Saussage.
This particular dish was supposed to be served in a long .. a long serving dish(?) . The 1m sausage was initially uncut but due to space constrain, we got them to cut it up and served on a normal plate instead :)

 hahaha . the above is a corner of the female washroom ! 
It still remains as a mystery to us.

Just as we were doing more catching up, the staff started singing "happy birthday to you . andsoOn." HAHAHA . Thanks Bell and Lijun for the surprise cake ! 

They also got a strawberry short cake for Lynette .
Happy Advance Birthday Lynette ! 

While eating our cakes, we skyped Alyssa who is farfar away in Philippines ! 

And there! We had full attendance in the end :D
[Say hi to Alyssa whose face is on my iPad] 

 sorry for the poor quality photos as we did not bring our cameras and the lighting there was dim ! We had to take the group photo with flash . Without flash, it ended up like this . (a "noisy" picture) But I love the sepia feel !


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