Monday, January 18, 2016

[Review] Daiso Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal

Hello ! How have you been?

It's been a long while since I last did a review on beauty products. 

Went Daiso yesterday with le bf for a spree! Most of you might know by now, Daiso sells all items at S$2 each! Most of them are made in Japan while the others are imported goods.

Most are just storage organizers -  I think there is nothing much to say about them except that they are so so so prettyyyyyy! 

I was quite skeptical about $2 beauty products. I don't mind giving it a try but I wasn't putting up high expectation on the results. After browsing the shelves, I've picked the Daiso Charcoal Pore Care Pack and tried them on the same day I got them. Le bf tried it as well and I must say his results are much better than mine. Not sure if it's because he has got more black/white heads than me :x . On my strip, there wasn't really a lot of black/white heads but there were some. As I did not have any expectation that this would actually worked, I was surprise it actually did pull out some of our black/white heads!

Here's how the packaging looks like

Each pack contains 4 pore strips, which means it costs S$0.50/piece !
No doubt it's inexpensive but more importantly it's whether it does the job right?

The back

Was delighted when the instructions and ingredients list are in English as well! Daiso is also very popular in the states! That's a smart move there - Bilingual instructions (Y)

This pore pack is Made in Korea! A beauty paradise!

The strips are packed individually !

 Oh yes, there's also instructions on the back of the individual packs. It's okay if you misplaced the box.

Front side of the strips

Adhesive side of the strips. This is the side that sticks to your skin.

The instructions given are not THAT hard to follow:

1) Wet your nose after washing. It is hard to paste on dried skin. Do not directly wet the pack as it may weaken effect
2) Remove transparent sheet by dried hand
3) Paste the sheet from the middle of pack and press after the shape of your nose.
4) Dry for 10-15 minutes
5) Remove it from the outer part to middle. If pack becomes overly dry, or if in case of severe irritation, re-moisten pack thoroughly and peel off slowly. 1 time per week is recommended

These are the exact instructions written at the back of the box. I guess it's relatively easy to understand for those whom had used similar pore packs before.

If you are new to using such pore packs and find it hard to understand, I have simplified the instructions below.

1) Wet your nose after washing, just enough to stick the strip to your nose
2) Peel off strip from transparent sheet with dry hands
3) Apply strip to your nose by placing the adhesive side to your skin
4) Leave it on for 10-15 minutes to dry
5) To remove, pull strip from both ends and peel off slowly. Wet strip if it's too hard to peel off. Use once a week

Hope this helps!

Back to the product. Even though it's a "nose pack", I tried them on both my nose and chin. WHY NOT RIGHT?

Below are photos of my chin, before and after using the pore strip. I figured that the photos are quite gross, so









I had to press my lips tight in order to "flatten" my chin area (that was tiring) and I was so afraid that I would accidentally taste the charcoal. :/


As you can see, there isn't a forest of black/white heads on the strip but some of the black/white heads on my chin do came off ! Although it's not 100% removal, it's good enough for the S$0.50 I paid for. My chin felt much smoother after the application. I was able to feel bumps on my chin before using. :<

DO NOTE THAT there's a herbal type of smell which can be quite awful at first. The smell became stronger after wetting the strip. I personally find the smell bearable but I believe if you are sensitive about smells, you may not like it at all.

When removing, there was a tinge of pain, bearable tho. It did not made my eyes teared. There was also some black residue left on my chin. However, I was able to wipe it off easily with a damp cotton pad. I feel that even though some of my white heads are not "stuck" onto the pore strip, the peeling process actually "loosen" them and after cleaning with the damp cotton pad, my chin appears much cleaner!

AND this is so much better than the liquid one I had used before. This pore pack is mess-free, easy to remove and dispose. The liquid one I used to have was really painful when peeling, took a long time to dry and the texture was super gluey and hard to wash off if it's not completely dried up.

Overall, I would give this product a 3/5.

Bearable smell and pain
It actually worked!

Other brands may have better results
Leaves residue on skin

I hope you find this post helpful :)

Thanks for reading xx

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