Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Dancing Crab SG

Hi guys!

I am back in Singapore after 3 weeks in Europe.

Reached SCA (Singapore Changi Airport . HAHAHA) on 9th June, just in time to celebrate my +1 year old day with my family <3 .

Basically, when I reached home, I unpacked my luggage and hand carry, threw my clothes for washing, sort out souvenirs and packed them, miscellaneous, miscellaneous, miscellaneous and SLEEP.

The next day (which was my actual birthday), I spent my morning and early afternoon recovering from the jetlag (still). :( Thereafter, I had dinner with Mummy and Daddy Chua, Charlie and my nephew at #DancingCrab. 

We had our aprons(?) on! Our first experience of putting on the same was at Burger & Lobster  in London. (I will blog about it soon I hope =x)

The bulb above our table was faulty and when it flickered into darkness, Charlie said that's romantic. LOL! Well, the staff changed the bulb and that's the end of his so-called romantic moments.

Our food took quite a while to come. Almost an hour for our Combo Bag. I am not sure why and didn't asked. Perhaps it's because we ordered a 1kg crab instead of the usual 700-800g crab in the combo. 

While waiting, I snapped some photos of my bottomless tummy nephew! He can eat and eat and eat and eat. Sometimes I think he eats more than I do !

"Where's the food?"

"Gimme the food"


Look at his T-shirt. It totally describes him. =X

And here came our FOOD !

We ordered the lobster roll (S$29.50) and it's really good! Shell-less, tasty, yummy bread and the fries is awesome.

The lobster meat was served cold.
The bread was overall soft but crisp on the outside.
There was this mild spicy powder sprinkle on the fries and I totally love it!

Then came the Truffle Fries, a side dish. (this didn't have the mild spicy powder)
I prefer the one with the spicy powder.

& he ate half of that basket!

Last but not least, our seafood combo came !

We ordered Combo 2 and a 1kg crab.

Combo 2 consists of:
300g of prawns
250g of mussels
250g of clams
Potatoes, Corn and Sausages

My dad pointed out that the pincers are of different sizes. 

<3 . I think they look cute in this photo!

After filling our stomach with food, I heard a birthday song being played. To my surprise, a staff brought a huge plate with a slice of cake on it and placed it in front of me. :O 

I came to realise it was all Charlie's doings. 

The decor was really nice.

and I blew the candle! ONE candle :D

Nephew was more excited than me!

Look at his enthusiasm. hahaha 
( I suspect he wanted to eat the cake asap)
Which turned out to be true! He grabbed two forks and make sure that he had cake on both hands!

This is what we have ordered. Total bill turned out to be S$18x.xx. 

Nephew is really curious about the crabs and lobsters.

Lastly, a photo for memories :)

Till next time ! x.

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