Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[TRAVEL] - First Bangkok (BKK) Trip

Hi there !

[This post is kinda overdue but still . here it is !]

I am back from my virgin BKK trip !

It was also my first time having a double date overseas trip by plane!

and guess how I was being welcomed back?:

Ahhhh, indeed it felt like Genting due to the haze but I am definitely back in Singapore!

If you may wonder, there is no haze in BKK. Or maybe it's the rainy season over there hence we couldn't tell if there is haze. Maybe... hah.

I want to pen down (or rather.. type) in details about this 5D4N trip for the reference of others who may be planning to go BKK for their first time too !

I bought a BKK deal from

Remarks: In total (after all the topups and stuff), it is more expensive compared to booking the flight and hotel on your own.

However, there is a premium as the travel agency is doing all the bookings for you and airport transfers are provided. If you are as lazy as I am AND/OR don't want to get lost in an unfamiliar place, airport transfers (from airport to hotel & hotel to airport) will be very much appreciated !

So! (the cheaper alternative) If we were to book the tickets flight on our own...

The hotel we stayed in... Bangkok Venice Suite . It costs 1,700baht/room/night.  That's about 70SGD/night.

4 nights = 280sgd (for 2 pax), 1 pax = 140sgd.
Return airtickets = 236.04sgd

Total: 376.04sgd (if book on your own) /pax

Through the deal, we paid about 40sgd more/pax

Of cos you can choose to stay at a cheaper hotel. There are many hotels in BKK that cost about 50sgd/night !

Don't forget to get yourself covered with travel insurance too!

I'll be posting about my schedule/plan for Day 1 to Day 5 as soon as I can :)


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