Saturday, August 03, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday HuiLi !

Happy Birthday Hui Li !

This post came abit late but . better late than never ! :)

KJ booked a chalet at East Coast Park to celebrate HL 21st birthday :)

Saw our decoration .? Not too bad for a bunch of non-artistic peeps I guess xD .

Buffet cater ! 

IC did the heart shape and I folded the puppy balloon ! Then ZY sticked the balloons with the help of JX ! :)


Got to play with these cuties cos Hui Li brought them to the chalet ! <3

Ahhh , somebody too bored tie this ribbon on my hair using the decoration paper strips hur ! Surprisingly it's quite sturdy and didn't fell off ! 

Not forgetting all the party spray and sparkles ! and night cycling !!!

Polaroids of birthday girl and her presents :)

Hope you've enjoyed yourself !


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