Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's in my March's BellaBox ?

Hi guys. It's been long since I blogged . Life's been really really busy for me . Family, Work, School, Friends and more ~.

As I am super brain dead now, having spending hours on my report, I've decided to come to this space and share about my March's Bellabox !

Yes, I have been subscribing to Bellabox for quite a while now. Didn't have the chance to share about boxes from previous months, I promise I will do a summary post to sum up the items I've received in my long overdued post on bellabox-es ! :)

So, let's get started ! 

There is an additional flora sticker fixed on the box.

When I opened the lid ~

Noticed that they no longer stick the "bb" sticker as a closure. Transparent stickytape was used instead. Not forgetting the additional sweet ribbon!

The products description card.
The full size product prices are also indicated here .

An overview of what's inside my box!
Five items.

Dr Cl: Labo !
1) Super Washing Foam Ex (8g)
2) Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moist Ex (10g)

Cyber Colors Dolly Eyes Dramatic Lashes! (1 pair)

WonderStruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift (10ml)

The perfume sample comes with a roll on tip! 

Lemongrass House Shower Gel (30ml)

Overall, this month's Bellabox IMO felt kinda "breakeven" based on the S$19.95 monthly subscription fee I paid for.

Thanks for reading !


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