Friday, October 19, 2012

[Review] October's BellaBox

Hello ! 

I am here to update on my October's BellaBox !

This post came a lil late but I am still! going to share what's in my box (for a personal reference in future too!) :)

The courier company was again - awesome !

I was not at home when the courier man came to deliver my box . After which, we arranged , and he agreed to deliver to my office in town the next day ! Thumbs up !

Pretty packaging !

Below are the items wrapped in the pretty parcel :)

There's a bonus BellaBox compact mirror this month as it's BellaBox 1st Birthday !

Here are details of the products in October bellabox.

(1) NUXE Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil - 10ml

Product introduction: Pamper yourself with this luxurious oil treatment that can be used on hair (no heating required) as well as your face and body. And just a couple of drops in the bathtub will create perfectly soft skin that's ready for a celebration.

Interesting ! I've tried this product on my arms and there is zero grease ! Not oily at all (even though it's a an oil product). It also has a nice fragrance . Love the smell .

Full size product :
S$68.00 for 100ml

(2) BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution - 20ml

Product introduction: This is Bioderma's star product, a truly unique cleansing solution that is formulated specially for sensitive skin. Sensibio H2O is prescribed by dermatologist for its perfect tolerability, cleansing efficacy and smoothing properties. This non-rinse solution is gentle enough to remove face and eye makeup.

Another non-rinse makeup remover which works as claimed ! Did I mentioned this before ? I love non-rinse makeup remover as (the lazy me) find it hassle free ! 

This product will be next on my list when I run out of makeup remover !

Full size product :
S$15.90 for 100ml

(3) Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT - 1ml

Beautiful !

Product introduction : This divinely feminine scent means "little black dress" in French. Could there be a more perfect name for the perfect special-night-out perfume? The inclusion of roses, orange, blossoms, musk, cherry and apple will leave a trail of light, yet womanly allure that both precedes and follow your footsteps.

This sample size comes in a spray bottle for easy application. The pastel pink bottle look so sweet!

Full size product :

(4) NUXE Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel - 15ml

Product introduction : This soap-free cleansing gel is the perfect compliment to your unwinding regime. Fast, easy to use and infused with a delectable honey scent, transporting you to a calm, post night our sense of peace.

This cleansing gel I've got is for dry and sensitive skin ! Just nice for me ! Glad that I am able to use it :)

Full size product :

(5) NUXE Body 24Hr Moisturizing Body Lotion - 15ml

Product description : Eliminate dry skin with sweet almond and sunflower oils, Wheat and wood extracts make this natural formula that absorb instantly, allowing you to dress immediately after application. No wait time means you're on to your destination and your fun- fast !

True enough, my skin absorbs this mositurising lotion instantly ! However, one downside , the smell is not to my liking . :(

Inside this month's bellabox there is also a S$5 voucher from Beauty by Nature!

One Bad News:

I am thinking of unsubscribing Bellabox as:
1) The value of the items in bellabox has been decreasing. This month's bellabox would be of the least value out of the 4 months of my subscription (July-Oct).
2) Bellabox had changed their reward points system hence now, monthly subscribers will not get the usual 19 reward points for each subscribing month. Therefore, you'll take a longer time to accumulate 100points (min points before you can utilise them) to purchase products from bellabox's online store. 

I will still be subscribing for November's box as I am still in need of points in order to hit the 100points minimum requirement.

Hence, the November's bellabox will make my final decision.

Thanks for reading ! :) xx

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