Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unbox-ing the iPhone 5

Hello Readers ! 

Sorry for not updating this space for so long ! Schedule had been really tight for me .

Thanks for those who periodically return here to check for any updates I had . (I saw the view counts!) Appreciated for your time.

You may or may not know this, but yes, I have bought the newly released iPhone 5 in white 32GB . :)

So, I thought of sharing with you guys my thoughts of the iPhone 5  .

P.S. I am not a tech expert ! Just a layperson's thoughts and opinions :D

Here we go:

No changes in the packaging of the iPhone 5. Still the usual sleek box .

Here are all the items within the box !

When the box is opened, the phone is right on top .

The iPhone 5 with iOS6

The new design Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic 

A different design from the usual earphones !

Description from
"It’s designed with three microphones: one on the front, one on the back and one on the bottom. The front and back mics work together to achieve beamforming — a technique that helps iPhone focus on sound from the desired location for clearer audio. New noise-cancelling technology reduces background noise. So when you hold iPhone up to your ear in a loud room, you hear what matters most: the voice on the other end."

The USB Power Adapter

Looks pretty much the same to me as compared to the USB adapter of the previous iPhone models.

The Lightning to USB Cable

I did a comparison of the new lightning cable to my iPad's (3rd gen) 30-pin cable
(I lost my iPhone 3GS's cable D:)

Length wise
 - The lightning cable is slightly longer than the 30-pin cable as shown below.

Size wise
- the USB of the lighting cable is smaller than the 30-pin cable

[left - Lightning Cable, right - 30-pin Cable]

A close up on the connector of the lighting cable

The lighting connector is reversible hence it fits either way ! Thumbs up for that !

Not forgetting there are the usual documentations of the phone too !

Difference between my new phone and my previous phone

[left - iPhone 5, right - iPhone 3GS]

As you (may) already know, the iPhone 5 is Taller , Thinner , Lighter that the previous iPhone models.

The iPhone 5 uses a completely new (size) SIM card 
The Nano-SIM.

Yes, I re-contracted with Singtel (a mobile service provider) in Singapore.

After introducing the items in the box, let us take a closer look at the physical of the iPhone 5.

Top of the iPhone 5
A significant change ! No more earphone jack at the top (WHERE IS IT NOW? Read on!)

Left side of the iPhone 5
Usual volume +/- and the mute shortcut buttons.

Bottom of the iPhone 5

Yet to remove the default protector as I am still waiting for the screen protector I purchased online to arrive !

Speaker , Lightning connector port, and the earphone jack (SO IT'S HERE)

Right side of iPhone 5
with only the slot for the nano-sim card.

Back of the iPhone 5

When the lightning connector is plugged in.

When both the lightning connector and earpods are plugged in.

Yes, the iPhone 5 is indeed sleek and elegant and it look awesome when placing it either on the table or when holding.

BUT ! Something surprised me . 

I don't know if you can tell from these two pictures . But , there's a minor (SUPERMINOR but it's still sighs!) chip-off at the bottom left corner of my iPhone 5 . It got chip-off on Day-2 of my usage ! Kinda disappointing I would say . D:


If you are planning on getting an iPhone 5, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to get a SILICON casing BEFORE purchasing the phone SO THAT your iPhone 5 will be protected immediately .

Well, this is just a physical thing. It depends on individual views whether physical or the specs are more important. In my view, I can always get a casing to protect my phone or to cover any flaws ! :D

More information about iPhone5 can be obtain from the Apple Official Website 

I hope this post is helpful!

I will be sharing the speed of the LTE network soon !

Thanks for reading ! :)


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