Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi there .

As some may know, in the recent months, I bought materials for my newly adopted card making interest. (:

As the materials I bought were in bulks, I've decided to start a small business selling my handmade cards. Managed to sell a few of my handmade minicards at a Flea in Bedok last Sunday. Glad that there are people out there who appreciate my work. (:

Few days back, I've received my very first customize order from someone whom shall not be expressly named here (in view of the customer confidentiality that I have to adhere to), I'll call him as C1. C1 ordered an customize card for his nephew on his upcoming first month celebration. He wanted a bigger version of the mini Blue Sail Card I had made earlier. Hence, I'll have to "enlarge" the card. HAHAHA. Not an easy task as the materials I have was not suited to make a bigger one. But nevertheless, I'll still try my best. Hehs.

Thank you for your support (:

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