Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas was a few days back . I love christmas ! Such a happy festive season for me (:
I'd pack chocos and distributed them out for friends and whoever I met !


As to what I've received for Christmas this year , here are they ! :D

DBB bought this set of bracelets for me for Christmas ! (: love them ! (:

Met up with the HappyPillsTribe and had an satisfying dinner at 15minutes as well as our awesome Xmas exchange ! (: Nan de Aly flew back from UK .!

Here are the gifts I received from THPT ! <3

It's a coin pouch given by Serene K. ! Thanks love !

From AlyAly (:

From Lynn (:


From lynn (:

Met up with my sec sch clique as well !
Here's what I've got from S ! + a handmade card !
(totally cater to what I want de ! hehs :D)

This is a very early xmas gift from a very special someone !

hehs . Still got a few gifts which I didn't take photos of ! Have not use them tho . Shall update if I had the chance to take some photos !

Not forgetting R treated me an awesome meal for Christmas when I went to the north that day (: Thanks friend !

bought this today !
guess what is it ? :D

It's a keys pouch !
Super need it as my keys always get lost in my bag ! =X With this pouch, it would prevent the keys from scratching the inner part of my bags too (:

DBB came to meet me for lunch today ! We had the super awesome bcm and I finished the bcm all up ! :D
We walked past this place with many mirrors and decided to take a snap ! (:

Saw this and I (uncontrollably) bought it !
It's actually a facial mask ! A hello kitty facial mask ! The packaging is cutemax ! I love it ! (:

While searching for my transcript yesterday , I found no transcript :( . Instead, I found various random certificates . Hence, I went to laminate all of them today ! :D

and SEE ! I got a swimming cert ! Somehow I just forgotten how to swim ! D:

I also found this neoprint taken with Aly many years back ! HAHAHA !
*when we were younger*
shall upload on fb soon ! (:


hehs .! shall head to bed now .! too late to restart my com D: .

Goodnights peeps !

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