Thursday, August 30, 2012

VanityTrove Watsons Edition

As promised , I am here to share with you what's in my Watson's Edition VanityTrove !

When I pulled out the drawer-style box, I saw ...

A box filled with samples items up to it's brim ! Walla !

and after spreading out the items ...

In this Watson's Edition VanityTrove, it's not just filled with beauty samples, it also contains a full size product ! #awesomenessmax

Below are all the sachets samples.

A total of (let me count) FOURTEEN different beauty products samples !
It'll take me sometime to try them all.

Next comes the full size product in the trove .

It's the Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream (30ml) !

Product Description: Soothing BB Cream is a natural botanical cover cream that effectively helps sooth and protect sensitive and troubled skin. It contains Vita Extract, EMX water and Na-Complex to help protect skin and activate skin cell restoration for a healthy skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

I will take this opportunity to do a quick review on this BB Cream.

I had tried this Soothing BB Cream for a few days now and my views on it so far are:-
1) Matte . I do not have to apply pressed powder after apply this BB Cream.
2) Comes in a sleek tube which fits perfectly into my make-up pouch.
3) The nozzle tip helps control the amount of product that comes out when you squeeze it.
4) Good coverage !
5) Suits my skin tone ! So glad that it matches my skin tone :)
6) Thick . It is hard to blend on my face that I ended up applying alot of the cream on my face.
7) Does not contain any SPF, hence, I would need to either apply sunblock or apply a moisturizer that has SPF. 
8) Comes in a single shade.

I personally felt that a BB Cream (BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream) should be something which is like an all-in-one . The purpose of BB Cream is to save the time from applying layers of products on our skin. Hence, I find this BB Cream lacking on the most essential stuff I needed - SPF/time . :(

But ! If you have sensitive skin (like me) and do not mind applying sunblock, this BB Cream will do well for you as it helps to soothe your skin, ! It does not cause me any irritations (no itchiness) and it will soothe out redness on your skin !

Do note that this is based on my personal experience and personal honest opinion of the product. What works for me may or may not work for you, vice versa !

Next is this Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover (20ml)

I heard all the hype about this product and now I have the chance to try it out ! 
I will be using this makeup remover the next time I put on full makeup to see if this product works !

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel. 

When I first saw this product, I was wondering "Mm what is this ? For face? Body? Or?"

After reading the product description, I got enlightened ! #HAHA

Product description: Cooling soothing gel from nature's miracle plant of the ages. Made from fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Forms a protective barrier which helps retain moisture and promotes. Non-oil Moisturizer provides effective relief from Sunburn, Minor Burnt, Skin Irritations, Insect Bites, Chafing, Itching, Dry Skin.

So , it is actually a gel which soothes your skin for applying onto sunburned/irritated skin. Sounds good.

Found this super helpful review about this product ->

As I love anything made of natural ingredients, Aloe Vera, perfect ! :)

Uriage AquaPRECIS Moisturizing Refreshing Cream Gel (5ml)

Been using this since the first day I received it . Love it ! It hydrates my skin and it is non-sticky after application. ! In the morning after I woke up, my skin feels softer ! Love it ! I might considering purchasing the full size product after more research on it :)

L'OREAL White Perfect Laser (5ml)

This is an essence and it is to be apply before moisturizer. Looks good, yet to try as I am using the L'oreal Youth Code currently (will do a review on it).

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Essence with Black Pearl (3ml)

Another essence ! (Y) ! Remember the Pure Beauty BB Cream I mentioned above? Even their sample comes in the nozzle which helps better control of the product being squeeze out ! <3!

THREE Masks !

15% OFF Zalora online ! 

Sadly, before I could use the voucher, it expired D: Well well .

That's all about the products in my Watson's Edition VanityTrove .! 

Btw ! I had received my September Fall in Love VanityTrove and will do up a post on it soon ! 

Thanks for reading !


Saturday, August 25, 2012

REDOXON Double Action (Vitamin C + Zinc)

I enjoyed myself today :)





okay , that's the random me . hehs .

Today's Mood: Happy!

Reasons : First beach walk at Sentosa Siloso Beach with my bf from one end to the other, Attending Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2012 and Shopping (pardon me) !

Managed to spend > SGD60 at Watsons today and hence , entitled to a complimentary VanityTrove ! #happies

I will share with you what's in the trove as soon as I can ! :)

Below are what I've got from Watsons today .

Two bottles of REDOXON Double Action and some Essence Cosmetics :)
+ one lipstick

And so , after penning down my random thoughts as above , I shall get into the main reason why I am sitting here in front of my laptop typing this . 
(IDK why I am so random today, arghh)


Well, now

Let me introduce you to REDOXON Double Action!

Tahdah !


REDOXON Double Action in chewable tablets form is simply *thumbs up*. (no words to describe it's awesomeness)

What's so good about this REDOXON Double Action?

- Double Action (Vitamin C + Zinc)

Description on packaging:
For Vitamin C to enhance out immune system effectively, our body must have sufficient Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral required by our body to maintain a healthy immune system. Together, Vitamin C & Zinc prepare our body to resist not only colds, but also other illnesses like fever and infections. Taken daily, Redoxon Double Action replenishes our body's Vitamin C and Zinc levels to provide optimum support for our body immune system.

Each tablet contains:
500mg of Vitamin C
5mg of Zinc.

Does it work for me ?

Definitely !

Sad to say, I have low immune system . I fall sick easily when in contact with someone who is down with flu/cough.

 I wanted to improve my immune system and that was when I "found" Redoxon Double Action and till now, I have never regret trying it .

I am not sure if this product will improve our body immune system PERMANENTLY . All I can say is - this product does work on me in event that I continue taking the tablets daily (Forgetful me tend to skip the routine at times =X).

There are 60 tablets in a bottle.

Dosage for Adult is two tablets daily.

But usually I would take just one tablet unless I feel that I am going to fall sick soon , I would take two.

How to consume the tablets:

Simply chew and swallow.


Slightly sour.

Why I choose this product instead of other FORMS of Vitamin C supplements:

It is well known that some Vitamin C tablets are to be dissolved in warm water and consume as a drink , or some others, in capsules form to be swallowed . I personally like this product because it's chewable ! Chew it (like a sweet) and you won't feel as though you are taking medicines ! :D 

There is a similar product specially for kids . This is less sour that the one for adults.

[as shown on front far left of the picture below]

[picture credits to ogygiggs]

Thank you for reading !


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[REVIEW] ELLIPS Hair Vitamin


Big apologies that this post was delayed . Nevertheless, I am trying my best to put this post up soonest .

I'm part typing this post this using my iPad while on my way to Comfort Delgro Driving Centre for my driving lesson . :) (to at least get started)

You might have guessed what I'm going to share in this post from the title of it . #haha

Without further ado, I shall start . 

Many people might be focusing a lot on skincare and they are not aware that haircare is equally important . 

To me, having a bad hair day is on par with a new pimple popping out from my skin . I tend not to neglect my hair and even make an extra effort to take good care of my hair the moment I realised the condition of my hair deteriorated significantly ever since I started putting chemicals on my hair (e.g. Dying my hair) . It's not too late to save my hair ! Likewise for you :) 

Read about the brief introduction of my hair ---> here

Yes , I have thick (thick as in the strands of my hair is thicker, if you get what I mean) dry damaged hair . My hair gets tangled easily and these knots hurt my hair even more . My hair feels like hay and it's brittle . 

During one of the outings with my girlfriends, one of them introduce me to this hair vitamin which I thought no harm giving it a try . (thank you Cynthia!) And I did.

I pop into a Watsons outlet and walla ! This particular hair vitamin was on sale ! Usual: S$16.20 . Sale: 2 for S$19.90. I grabbed 2 bottles without hesitation and shall share with you my experience :)

Tested personally by me for a month is this ELLIPS Hair Vitamin .

Packaging : Bottle - 50 Capsules
 This product also comes in smaller quantity (6 capsules) packaging perfect for testing to see if the product suits you . (instead of committing to a bottle of 50 capsules)

[got the above pic from the internet]

There are 5 different types as follows:-

[Yellow - Smooth & Shiny] : The combination of Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A&E to moisturise, to provide nutrition and to make your hair smooth, manageable and shiny.

[Pink - Hair Treatment] : The combination of Jojoba Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A,C,E helps treat damaged hair structure & reduced split end caused by hair blow-drying, curling, colouring, rebonding. Hair looks healtier, manageable and shiny.

[Purple - Nutri Colour] : NUTRI COLOUR with triple care formulation helps to nourish your colored hair, treat dull hair caused by sunray, and preserve healthy shine of colored hair.

[Black - Black, Soft & Shiny] : SHINY BLACK for your black hair. Formulated with the combination of Candle Nut & Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protectant, Vitamin A&E & Pro Vitamin B5 nourishes, protect hair from sunray & helps nurture the healthy shine of your black hair. Enjoy the beauty of shiny looking, smooth and manageable black hair.

[Brown - Coarse Hair] : The Ginseng of a natural extract makes your hair as healthy and glossier smooth hair.

(above information is as shown on the packaging itself)

I bought the Pink and Yellow one.


Opening the gold plastic cap.

The double seal.


Each capsule contains 1ml of contents.

I love how the capsule is designed.


How do I apply this hair vitamin:
1) Wash hair as usual .
2) Remove excess water from hair using a towel .
3) Apply Ellips Hair Vitamin on wet hair .
...con't below

I would need two capsules as my hair is loooong. (at my waist line)
[One capsule is sufficient for short / shoulder length hair]

How the hair vitamin look like on my hand.

Look like some translucent oil . 
The texture is thick and seem very concentrated .
[It may look/feel oily but after rubbing the oil evenly onto hair , there is zero greasy feel ! Amazing .]

4) Rub the hair vitamin onto both hands and apply evenly onto hair (P.S. Do not rub hair vitamin onto scalp)
Apply hair vitamin only on hair from ears all the way down to the ends .
(if you have short hair, I would suggest you to rub the hair vitamin onto both hands and then using a grabbing motion, grab your hair (without having your fingers touching your scalp) until your hair absorbs everything on your hand - Just like how guys wax their hair :D)
5) Blow dry my hair (if you can, leave your hair to air dry will be better)

That's all ! Isn't that simple ? :D

After my hair is blowdry/airdry , my hair feels softer , smoother , less tangles and most importantly , it became hay-free ! (Perhaps it helps locks the moisture) 

Product Summary

- Affordable 
- Easy application
- Fast absorption
- Non-greasy after application
- Conveniently available at Watsons / Guardian stores
- effect last for the whole day or maybe two !

- After I wash my hair the next round, if I did not re-apply this hair vitamin, the usual dryness returned . So I am guessing that this hair vitamin does not have a permanent effect .

Will I buy it again:
I will definitely buy it again if I run out of it unless I found a better source which has a permanent effect.

Hair tip #001 : The best way to permanently remove split ends is to go for a hair cut :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

[Review] August 's BellaBox - I love Singapore

Hello everyone ! 

I am soo looking forward to the long weekend ahead ! Are you too ?

It's been quite a while since I last watched a movie (the last movie I watched was The Amazing Spiderman)  . Yesterday I broke the chain and watched a movie - The Bourne Legacy . 

The decision was quite impromptu I would say . Hence, I went to watch this movie without any knowledge of the storyline beforehand. Thankfully, it turned out to be a great movie ! Full of thrill and excitement ! I would recommend you to watch it if you haven't :)

Catch the trailer here  ! 

My plan today was to share with you a hair vitamin which I have been using for the past 1 month . 

BUT . 

When I reached home today, I received my "August BellaBox - I love Singapore" ! omo ! omo !

I am so excited about it that I have to share my excitement with you guys here without any delay ! #HAHAHA

If you haven't, you may want to read about my July's Bellabox here !

I received the package much later than the expected delivery time this month. The delivery procedure was also different as compared to last month . Last month, I received a tracking number via e-mail for me to track the package , but this month , no tracking number was send to me , neither did anyone call to inform me that they were going to deliver the package .

But anyway , the unexpected delivery surprises me ! I love surprises ! Hence, it's not so that bad afterall . :)

Here's what in my box.

I have heard all about the excitement that Anna Sui/Benefit products are included in the August Bellabox .

However, I found none of those in my box :( . There's a lil' twinge of disappointment in me initially thinking that perhaps they ran out of the said products when it's turn to pack my box . #toughluck .

But when I move on to take a closer look at the products I have in my box , I felt better .

My box is slightly different from the boxes other bloggers had received and shared online. [Check out item (1) & (2) below]

There are a total of 7 items/sample packs !

As usual, I will go into detail of each item in my box :D

(1) CLIO Professional Smudgeproof Brush Liner Kill Slim
made in Korea

Product introduction: CLIO gives you the sleekest eyeliner imaginable. Beginners will appreciate the built-in precision of its super slim (0.05mm) and ultra-soft brush, while seasoned liquid eyeliner users will appreaciate how quickly it can be applied with a practiced hand. With a water-resistant formula, you can be assured that it will last all day.

I was so delighted when I realised this is the CLIO brush eyeliner ! I recall, just this Monday, I was at Watsons trying out the tester of this eyeliner (product brand is new on the shelves!) and have been considering whether to purchase it . Now , I don't have to crack my brain to find myself an excuse to buy another eyeliner . *happies*

This item I received is a full size product which you can purchase at most Watsons outlets in Singapore .
+ a 20% off voucher for all CLIO products at Watsons.

Full size product:

(2)  SKIN79 BB Cream - VIP Gold Collection

Product introduction: SKIN79 is the first skincare brand to give Koreans a full range of BB creams. Part moisturiser, part foundation (and so much more). BB creams are taking the cosmetics world by storm and SKIN79 has the widest range and variety to suit each age, skin type and skin concern.

This is also one of the products I have been wanting to try ! 
Afraid that this BB cream might not suit me , I hesitated to buy the full size product which is (I think) 40ml and cost between S$35.90-S$39.90.

+1 yayness to this ! 

There is also a brochure featuring SKIN79 products together with Brown Eyed Girls ! They must have been endorsing SKIN79 products :)
+ a S$5.00 off voucher with minimum S$25.00 purchase of any SKIN79 products at Sasa .

(3) ENAVOSE  Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage
made in Switzerland

Product introduction : Enavose brings you a gentle and effective way to exfoliate your skin! Formulated with Bacillus Ferment, a mild enzyme with resurfacing action that thoroughly removes dead skin without causing undue stress to skin, this gommage leaves your skin feeling softer and helps improve the absorption of your serums and moisturisers!

An exfoliator ! I already had one exfoliator (will talk about it on another post soon) , but I guess there's no harm trying out new products to find out which product suits your skin more :)

A 15ml sample + a S$5.00 gift voucher for Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage 

Full size product : 
S$35.00 for 80ml.

(4) ELIZABETH ARDEN Visible Difference Skincare
made in U.S.A.

Product introduction : Leveraging on 100 years of skincare expertise, Elizabeth Arden introduces Visible Difference, a spa-inspired, regimen-focused essential skincare line that helps balance skin to reveal its natural health and radiance.

3 sachet (1 of each type) + S$10.00 voucher with any purchase of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference product.

Full size product : 
Oil-free Regimen for Oily skin S$42.00 - S$85.00
Skin Balancing Regimen for Combination Skin S$42.00 - S$96.00
Gentle Hydrating Regimen for Dry Skin S$42.00 - S$96.00

(5) FACIAL FRESH - Vitamin C Cloth Facial Treatment Mask

Product introduction : Facial Fresh offers a revolution in facial skin care. Each mask delivers specific results in a serum saturated mask each of which is individually packaged. 

I love masks ! Can't wait to try this out !

Price : Aloe Vera Mask / Green Tea Mask / Tea Tree Mask S$8.85 each
Hydra-Surge Mask / Vitamin C Mask S$10.95 each
Collagen Mask S$12.95 each

(6) CHINA GLAZE Nail Lacquer

Product introduction : Every shade on the colour spectrum and more. In addition to their famed neons, metallics and any other trend going, China Glaza release more and more collections every year. You can count on them for everything from the most amazing glitters to shimmers and neons.

Received a full size product in the shade of 017 Hawaiian Punch ! 

Full size product :
S$15.00 for 15ml

(7) L'OREAL PARIS Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Boosting Essence

Product introduction : With just one drop, your skin becomes smoother and softer instantly. Your skin is also able to better absorb the active ingredients in your skincare regime. In a week, your skin texture will improve. In a month, your skin will be rejuvenated, youthful and more radiant. For best results, use before your serum and/or mosisturiser. Beauty tip : Use before your facial mask to get even better results on your mask !

I had already tried it on my face ! A 5ml sample was given . I guess it could last me a week . If it really works as claimed, I will consider buying the full size product as my skin's need some help there with absorbing . =/

Full size product:
30ml for S$39.90

LAST BUT NOT LEAST , this month's Bellabox comes in a "I love Singapore" inspired reusable beach bag instead of the usual box .! Isn't that cool ! 

Place your order for September Bellabox today ! -> APPLY


Monday, August 13, 2012

Facial @ Pretty360

Am here to share with you my facial experience at Pretty360 !

I can't link any online related stuff about them here as:-
They do not have their own website and their facebook page seem to be rather inactive . 

But ! The business there is definitely not inactive . :)

Remember I went for a Classic Manicure 2-3 weeks back ? Yes . The place I went to for the manicure - Pretty360 .

How did I came to know about Pretty360?

I came across this deal at on 20 July 2012 and decided to give it a try. What makes me chose Pretty360 (instead of other facial deals) is because of the location this beauty parlor.

Pretty360 is conveniently located at Singapore Shopping Centre which is right opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT station ! (beside Fish&Co TheGlassHouse) .

The deal includes:-
1) 90 minutes Radiance Facial  + Eye & Neck Care
2) Shoulder massage
3) 45 minutes Classic Manicure OR 60 minutes Classic Pedicure OR 30 minutes Back massage

And I chose Facial + Manicure .

After purchasing the voucher, I called them up to fix an appointment and was told that I could come down that very same day. I asked if it's possible for me to come on a weekend but was informed that there isn't any available slots on Saturday and they are closed on Sundays. Well, I then make myself available that evening (thankfully it was a Friday) and went down for my appointment at 7pm. 

I took the lift up and when the lift door opened , Pretty360 is right infront of the lift ! What a good spot ! 

I quote from my previous post "Was suppose to go for a facial + mani combo but due to some miscommunication of the staff , they thought I am going for a mani+pedi . The facial slots were fully booked that evening, hence, the staff promised to reschedule it for me . "

The customer service was good I'd say . Even though one of the terms of the deal is to do all treatments within the first visit, the staff allowed me to do my manicure that day and facial on another day since I'm already there . 

Read about my manicure experience at Pretty360 here .

No news from them for the first week . Called them up on 31 July 2012 to remind them and they fixed an appointment for my on 1 August 2012 . I find the 12 days wait acceptable . :)

A picture of the reception area (credits to Pretty360 FB page posted a yr ago) . The recept area looks pretty much the same except that the green apples are no longer there. Duhh .

Pretty360 owns 2 units there . One is where the recept and mani/pedi area, the other unit is more for facial/massage .

This is the other unit where the facial/massage are done. 
When I went in, the beautician politely asked me to change into their slippers and she kept my heels in the black cupboard on the right side of the picture. :) Thumbs up for the good customer service .

Then a locker w/ key is provided for me to keep my belongings . 

Room with comfy bed and sink .! This room I went to has two beds with the sink in the middle . Suitable for couple / friends to do facial together ! :D

One thing I like about their rooms is their dim lightings ! Soothing music was also played . I am able to relax myself after a long day at work . :)

Getting dressed while waiting for the beautician to start my facial ! *Snap snap . 

Basically the facial in this deal is a deep cleanse facial . The beautician analysis my skin after she double cleanse my face and say that my skin type is dry/combi and is very thin ! <- HAHAHA.

That makes me NOT thick skin . LOL.

Kaykay, Nuff of nonsense . =X

I have to compliment the service provided by the beautician . I feel so so so pampered .! During extraction she even spent extra time dealing with the stubborn whiteheads on my nose . 90 minutes facial ended only after 2hours+ ! (about 7.30pm to 10pm).

So what does Pretty360 deep cleanse facial consist ?
1) Double cleanse (to remove dust, dirt, make-up)
2) Exfoliate (to remove dead skin cells)
3) Steam (to open up pores)
4) Extraction (to remove pimples)
5) Chill distilled water to cool down skin redness
6) [ADD ON] chemical peeling x2
7) [ADD ON] Ampule
8) Head/Shoulder massage
9) Eyemask + face mask
10) Back massage

Am very satisfied with the service as well as the facial . I then signed up for their deep cleanse facial package + peel/ampule(optional topup) . Hoping to improve my skin condition :) Will provide any updates here :)


Thursday, August 09, 2012


[above pic credits to chnanelnewsasia]

The 9th day of August 2012 , a joyous day for both Singapore and my 4th maternal uncle ! 

Headed to Quality Hotel Marlow located at 201 Balestier Road in the afternoon with my parents and DBB (my boyfriend) for my uncle's wedding lunch ! 

We then met up with my sister , brother-in-law , nephew and niece at the hotel .

When we arrived outside the restaurant , most of our relatives are already there ! 

My 二舅母 carrying my niece ! 

The wedding lunch was quite an experience for me as my 4th uncle is a vegetarian . Needless to say , the wedding lunch was held at a vegetarian restaurant .

and it is ...

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant !

Instead of the standard wedding dinner kind where everybody sit round a table and wait for the food to be served, my uncle chose a buffet instead !

Look at the crowd inside the restaurant !

another corner

Food  Rounds!


Laska !

Vegetarian Chicken Rice ! 

Veggie-meat ? 

Chef replenishing the Dim Sum !

More food !


Jelly in a wine glass alike !

Cookies ! 

DBB took a back shot of my while I am helping myself with the food ! 
p.s. Are those frames on the wall slanted or DBB's holding the camera slanted ? :O

Cakes !

Vegetarian Sushi !

OHOH . Here's a picture of the vegetarian chicken rice . It tasted really really good ! 

I am amazed at the creativity of the chefs / vegetarian industry ! Vegetarian food are not just about veggies ! Many many different food can be created from vegetarian ingredients . Didn't have the chance to take photos of each and every single dish as there are too many available !

My uncle is in his 50s and we are all glad that he finally found his soulmate . :) 

Some group photos of my relatives .

I wish my uncle and my auntie-in-law the best of life today and in the days to come :)